More About Shorey IT

Executive Leadership

Shorey IT Is A Network

Shorey IT is far more than its leadership team. The network of Service Providers, IT Experts, and rural communities are core components of our company and we recognize their value. Without them, Shorey IT would not function the way that it does.

Our Leadership Team

Wade Juniper – Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Wade (Shorey) Juniper is responsible for Shorey IT’s strategy of steady growth. Wade is young entrepreneur who brings an impressive technical ability to the table. Starting small as a helpdesk technician who took on the work of a network administrator and working up to freelance projects, he quickly realized his own self worth. Wade left the helpdesk to work for himself on more freelance projects focusing on full-stack development, while also working part-time. After gaining valuable experience in the field, in 2022 he founded Shorey IT, LLC. Since then, with Wade as CEO, Shorey IT continues to grow and adapt to the quickly evolving landscape of information technology and provide affordable services to rural communities.