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Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Businesses of all sizes that manage data rely on the fact that data will be available in some way or another. When you think of the word disaster, what comes to mind? More than likely, it’s some type of natural disaster like a fire, earthquake, tornado or flood. In fact, there are many different types […]

Race To Build Quantum Datacenters

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has exploded in popularity over the past year. AI uses advanced models to generate its content and requires massive computing power to deploy at scale. Companies like OpenAI sell access to their own models, like GPT-4, to businesses looking to automate processes like copywriting and support chats. Because of […]

The Most Northeastern City In The U.S.

Caribou, ME, is claimed to be “the most Northeastern City in the United States” by the town of Caribou. There are few municipalities further north, and none with the same population or amount of services available. Headquartered in Caribou, Shorey IT services all of Aroostook County including Fort Kent, Madawaska, Fort Fairfield, Caribou, Presque Isle, […]