Preventing Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are on the rise. How are you prepared?

Reduce Costs And Increase Security

We help small businesses, startups, and individuals with securing their websites, servers, and associated infrastructures while identifying areas of unnecessary redundancy and replacing them with reliable and affordable distributed services that have guaranteed zero downtime.


Delivering a secure, reliable platform that provides access to a network of managed distributed services is one facet of how we plan to challenge the bad actors that plague the digital world. With countless public websites left unpatched and improperly configured, it’s no wonder why automated vulnerability scanning tools have grown in popularity among hackers. 

A managed distributed platform would allow the client to remain in control of their services while passing the monotonous management to a better-equipped provider. Distributing these services removes a single point of failure allowing for unprecedented uptime.

Security Services

Security Audits

Receive a detailed report on how secure your business is online and steps to fix any issues.

Incident Response

Get one-time Expert advice on a project or assistance with an emergency outage.

Virus Removal

Have an Expert remove a tricky virus from your website or scan for any hidden malware you suspect may be lurking.

Disaster Recovery

Get help recovering from a total disaster with assistance every step of the way.

Connect With An Expert

You can also schedule a virtual appointment