Moving From Another Provider

Moving From Another Provider

Cloud Migration Services

If you’ve got an existing setup with another provider, and don’t want to start fresh, we make it easy to move from any provider to Shorey IT. We’ll work closely with your team to handle the tradeoff process, and ensure your services stay intact and online throughout the migration. Shorey IT can even contact your previous provider on your behalf if there are any issues with any part of the move.

In some cases, providers intentionally make exporting data difficult or impossible with the intent of preventing migration to a different provider. Complicated contracts, badly designed user-interfaces, and pushy retention departments can make anyone resist making a change. At Shorey IT, we’re against this practice and aim to make it easy for anyone to leave their current IT provider if they wish. We also aim to make it easy for anyone to migrate away from Shorey IT but hope to prove it’s worth sticking with us.

What Is A Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving data and digital business operations to a cloud computing environment. There are various types of cloud migrations, common ones being:

  • Datacenter Migration
    • Datacenter Migration is the process of moving on-premise servers and data to cloud servers.
  • Hybrid Cloud Migration
    • Hybrid Cloud Migration is the process of moving only part of a business’s on-premise servers and data to cloud servers. With a Hybrid Cloud, the business maintains in-house servers and/or datacenter equipment.
  • Cloud to Cloud Migration
    • Cloud to Cloud Migration is the process of moving from one cloud provider to a different cloud provider. This usually happens during mergers and acquisitions, but can take place for any number of reasons.

In the context of moving from any provider to Shorey IT, this would be considered a cloud to cloud migration. However, we can also help with datacenter migrations and hybrid-cloud migrations.

How Can I Migrate Providers?

Before beginning any migration, you should start with taking a complete inventory of your information systems. This includes, but is not limited to: websites, databases, files/data, APIs, identity providers (like Active Directory), etc. Once you have a full picture of what needs to be migrated, then you can begin the process of making a plan on how to move each component. Files/data and databases can be exported, but things like APIs may take more advanced planning to ensure little disruption for your end users. You can hire companies to help you with this process, like Shorey IT.

When you contact Shorey IT for a migration, we’ll start by meeting with you and your team to complete an inventory of your information systems. Then, we’ll make a plan to move those components with as little downtime as possible and share it with you and your team. Once the plan has been approved, we’ll begin handling the migration steps, like exporting and importing data, and you only need to continue operating like normal.

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