About Shorey IT

Shorey IT, LLC was formed in 2022 by Wade Shorey himself with the goal of providing technology services to rural parts of the United States of America.

Wade brings years of experience in IT working on personal as well as professional projects. His experience solving a wide array of workflow issues, from managing an enterprise level LAN to deploying hundreds of laptops and desktops, is invaluable to our company. With this experience, we are able to understand the “traditional” way of doing things, as well as how we can avoid repeating mistakes others have made.

Photo by Wade Shorey

After Wade left the corporate world, he set out to find a way to make use of the vast amounts of knowledge he learned, and how to make sure his own community can reap the benefits.

Wade lives in a rural part of Maine, called Caribou. It is, according to the Town of Caribou, ”the most northeastern city in America.” Wade has seen firsthand how places like Caribou, ME, often don’t have access to the same amount of resources as bigger cities do. Things such as Internet cafes, affordable IT services, and reliable infrastructure are sometimes simply not available. With knowledge as his weapon, Wade made the decision that he wanted to fight to make a change. This was the birth of Shorey IT, LLC.

Photo by Wade Shorey

The benefit of cloud technology is that, besides having internet access, there are almost no limits to where cloud technology can be used. From the Most Northeastern City in America to the busiest town in California, cloud technology can be quickly deployed and scaled. The only catch is that this type of technology can be incredibly complicated. Because of this, in areas with low (or no) competition some companies can charge high prices for basic services.

Shorey IT, LLC aims to combat this problem by providing easy to understand and affordable cloud services to places in America most forgotten about.

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There are big plans for Shorey IT, but funding is the most limiting factor. Currently, we rely mainly on Wade for many of our services. This is not permanent, and we hope to expand as quickly as is practical- both logically and financially. One of these plans includes expanding into a physical footprint in addition to e-commerce.

During the company’s infancy, we plan to focus first on Uplink by Shorey IT. This is a service we provide that allows anyone to have someone from Shorey IT, LLC make them a website for only a monthly fee. The only effort needed on their part is to let the assigned concierge know what their goals are and what they are looking to gain by having a website. We can even assist people with finding out what exactly they can gain by getting a website.

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Simplicity is a key pillar in our plan to bring cloud technology everywhere. Ease of use is important to us, and making sure things stay secure and online is even more important. Through the use of third party cloud providers, we are able to act as an intermediary between the complexity of invisible servers and clueless end users. We are able to build a robust, secure, and scalable infrastructure that can grow as our (or your!) company grows. And with low-code workflow programs, we are able to quickly deploy DevOps solutions for organizations that would otherwise never consider cloud technology due to its normally high price tag.

Our first target is Aroostook County, ME. However, like we mentioned before, clouds go everywhere. We plan on doing the same, as quickly as we can but without sacrificing the quality of our services.

If you want to support this mission, the most effective way to do so is through by becoming a Sponsor. You can read more about this program here or sign up by clicking below.

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