Website Security Report

Find out how secure your brand really is with a website security report from Shorey IT for only $99.


  • Website security testing
  • Pentest report
  • PDF copy
  • Paper copy available on request
  • Mitigation strategies included
  • Sources listed
  • 1 domain name
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Delivered quickly


  • See what security features are enabled and what should be enabled
  • Check for any vulnerabilities that could put your datat at risk
  • Ensure proper configurations have been implemented
  • Get actionable feedback for each finding with sources for more information

Can I trust the results?

We strive for the most accurate results possible, using state of the art technology to do our testing. We guarantee the report to be complete and timely, but it is your responsiblity to implement and maintain the findings (unless you purchase additional service).

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