Privacy-First Cloud Services

Own Your Data and Stay Compliant

Own Your Data

With Shorey IT, you own all the data in your cloud. You call the shots and decide who processes you and your customer’s sensitive information.

At any time, you can request to switch between any of the available network providers to host your data center services.

Stay Compliant

Don’t worry about compliance issues because, on our platform, you can quickly become and stay compliant with the latest security standards like GDPR and HIPPA.

Datacenter providers are compliant with different security standards, all the way from ISO 27001 to HIPPA. By combining different software stacks on our Distributed Service Platform, you can quickly achieve GDPR compliance. You decide what you need and when.

Support Rural

Profits from Shorey IT support our mission to connect rural communities like Aroostook County. You’ll be backed by the network of service providers and our Zero Downtime SLA.

Rural communities like the ones found in Northern Maine (Caribou, Presque Isle, Houlton) are alive and growing! Businesses are moving in and so are people, but IT services are still hard to come by. If outsourcing is the only option, let’s ensure it’s secure, affordable, and easy to understand and connect as many rural businesses as possible.